Must Watch Movies - August

After being closed for four months, cinema goers rejoiced as the government announced that cinemas will be allowed to operate beginning 1st July 2020. However, the pandemic may not be the biggest issue faced by cinema operators, as movie distributors have decided to postpone the release of most tentpole titles.

Disney was the first distributor to bypass the rigid rules of the “theatrical window” which usually keeps movies in cinemas exclusively for 75 days or more. Disney announced that they would be releasing the big-budget action remake Mulan on Disney Plus this coming 4th September, and also debut the movie in cinemas on the same day for countries that do not have the streaming service. It's an unprecedented move, but in these uncertain times, who is to say what is “normal” anymore.

The release of “Train to Busan Presents Peninsula” on 15th July 2020 slowly but surely brought Malaysians back to the cinema, but what’s next in the lineup? Here are some movies to look forward to in August:



Fans of Christopher Nolan rejoice! Having faced delay after delay, Tenet is finally being released on 27 August 2020. Tenet is reportedly one of Nolan’s most expensive undertakings to date and is shrouded in mystery as Warner Brothers is keeping the plot very much under wraps, only releasing this little nugget of information: 

John David Washington is the new Protagonist in Christopher Nolan’s original sci-fi action spectacle “Tenet.”

Armed with only one word—Tenet—and fighting for the survival of the entire world, the Protagonist journeys through a twilight world of international espionage on a mission that will unfold in something beyond real time.

Short and cryptic, but with Nolan at the helm, little needs to be said about Tenet, and we expect to be wowed.


Bill & Ted Face The Music

Releasing in cinemas this coming 27th August, this is the third installment of the "Bill & Ted" franchise after 1989`s "Bill & Ted`s Excellent Adventure" and 1991`s "Bill & Ted`s Bogus Journey".

Bill and Ted are now middle age dads who have yet to fulfill their rock and roll destiny, but when a visitor from the future warns them that they must create a song that can save all life as well as bring harmony to the universe, the duo set out to complete the task by working with their families, old friends and even famous musicians.

Say it with us… Excellent!