MyLokal.Store's Mission Is To #supportlokal


Life as we know it has changed.

Since Malaysia had its first reported Covid-19 case on 25 January, the everyday lives of Malaysians has become very different overnight.

In such a volatile environment, consumers are pinching pennies and injecting a degree of caution into their spending, but at the same time, local businesses count on your patronage in order to stay afloat. Every transaction matters to them, so when you decide where to spend your hard-earned money on your next cup of coffee, or tonight’s dinner, consider turning to local, independently owned businesses within your community.

Why support local? Because local businesses are owned and operated by your neighbours! They offer great products and services while helping to build a strong and successful community around you by creating employment opportunities and supporting local economies that bring growth to a community.

It isn’t always the easiest or most convenient option to visit a local independent business rather than a large national chain that might be down the street. Seeing the need to support local businesses, MyLokal.Store was created to connect you to local businesses, and give them a chance to reach out to you.

With a team of passionate individuals at the helm of MyLokal.Store, its nothing complicated, just Malaysians supporting Malaysians, and we hope that you too will #supportlokal.